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Use Cases

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Increase Enrollment

Leverage Leif's innovative financing solutions, built for today's learners, to increase program enrollment, access, and diversity.

Learn about how a Cybersecurity Program increased enrollment using Leif's products.


The challenge

Quickly scale trustworthy, instructor-led Cybersecurity and Network Engineering bootcamps with as few cost barriers as possible.

The solution

With Leif's help, this customer introduced an Income Share Agreement as a tuition payment option - enabling this customer to remove tuition barriers and generate student trust in program outcomes, thereby increasing student enrollment.

  • +115% increase in student conversion rate
  • +108% increase in monthly enrollments
"Leif’s strong industry reputation as a full-service ISA program manager, competitive pricing, sophisticated platform, and timely, adaptable customer service convinced us to work with them"

- Founder, Cybersecurity Program

Drive Student Success

Put retention and completion challenges in the rear-view. Leif’s innovative tuition financing solutions meet student needs, fill tuition gaps, and promote higher retention and completion rates.

Learn about how a Mid-Atlantic University partners with Leif to utilize outcomes-based products to close financial gaps that stand in the way of student retention and completion.


The challenge

Remove the financial barriers that remain in the way after students have maximized available funding sources.

The solution

In order to better support its student population and demonstrate a commitment to outcomes, this customer worked with Leif to design a suite of innovative tuition products . As a result, this customer was able to offer affordable ISAs and CPPs that fit students' gap financing needs, even when combined with other repayment expectations (such as loans).

~10% of cohort comprised of students who would not have been able to afford attendance without an ISA.

"We found that our students were struggling to close the gap between the financial aid they received and the remaining cost of attendance. Rather than let that stand in their way, we partnered with Leif to design a tuition product that put our students first. The Leif team allowed us the flexibility needed to make this a reality, while still serving as a critical thought partner for us every step of the way."

- VP, Mid-Atlantic University

Align Incentives

Outcome alignment benefits your students and you. Demonstrate a commitment to your students’ career journeys through outcomes-aligned products and unlock scalable upfront capital in the process.

Learn about how a Career Accelerator leveraged Leif's outcomes-aligned products to improve student enrollment and cash flow.


The challenge

Grow student enrollment and improve cash flow position by receiving upfront financing for ISA originations.

The solution

Leif first arranged $5M in ISA financing in Oct. 2018, which improved the average cohort size by 440% while returning north of 30% IRR. To build upon its success, this customer then renewed its relationship with Leif as its all-in-one ISA program manager with a $10M ISA financing agreement.

  • +440% increase in average cohort size
  • +60% increase in student conversion rate
  • +30% IRR on ISA portfolio financed with Leif
  • +110% increase in company cash flow
"We chose Leif due to its superior all-in-one ISA program manager & capital markets platform. Our students are extremely receptive to outcomes-aligned tuition products and love that we offer them - consequently, these products have also helped us generate capital that was necessary for our program's growth."

- Founder, Career Accelerator