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Upfront Payment

Our Upfront Payment solution provides a simple, student-friendly platform for tuition payments.

Give students the ability to pay off the full cost of their education in one easy contribution.

Upfront Payment allows students to pay the full cost of their program in a single payment. Students pay in-full before their program begins and are free to learn with no further financial obligations.

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For Students

Ease of payment

Students only need to make one simple payment through Leif’s easy-to-use platform. Once they have paid, their obligation is complete.

No hidden fees

Students know exactly how much they need to pay - no hidden interest or fees.

Integrated payment platform

Students can use Leif’s products to fit their needs - with Leif’s full suite, students can pay a portion of tuition through Upfront Payment and pay the rest through an ISA, CPP, or TIP.

For Schools

Comprehensive payment solution

Have multiple payment partners? Leif can serve as a school's consolidated payment solution, regardless of how a student chooses to pay.

Low fees

Avoid paying unnecessarily high fees. Maximize program profitability with Leif's competitive Upfront Payment processing fees.

Instant cash flow

Students pay in full upfront and revenue is made immediately available to schools - no waiting required.