Jupiter and Ganymede, September 26 - 2011

Conditions: very humid, some fog, no wind, no clouds; good seeing

Setup: Obsession 18" Dobsonian telescope with 5x Televue powermate (f/23), manual filter wheel with R,G,B filters, Lumenera Skynyx 2-2M camera with an image scale of 0.07 arcsec/pixel. (image)

Acquisition: data was obtained through R, G, B filters at 12 frames pr. second over a total period of 75 seconds, giving roughly 270 images for each filter. The sequence was then repeated with the reverse order of filters; i.e. B, G, R (thereby avoiding a filter operation between sequences). In total, eight RGB sequences were acquired. Exposure time was 46 msec with the gain set pretty high at ~7.5.

Processing was done with Maxim DL, AviStack and Photoshop. I selected the sequence with the sharpest green channel for final processing. I am quite happy that the Great Red Spot was in transit with Ganymede sitting just at the limb. Notice that some surface details are visible on the latter. This image is my best one - so far - for the 2011 apparition.

Here's my main page where you can see more of the pictures I have taken so far.

Comments greatly appreciated! (mikael@leif.org)