X10-class solar flare eruption - Oct. 28, 2003

t = -8 minutes (relative to eruption start):

t = +2 minutes:

t = +12 minutes:

t = +22 minutes:

This is my first attempt at H-alpha solar imaging. Initially I had too much light for even a 1 msec exposure with the SM60, BF10 combo. By putting a 645/10 nm red continuum filter on the front side of the BF10 I got the light level reduced to ~12000 ADU. I wonder how others have dealt with this?

Here's a picture of the setup used for making these images.

Exposure time: 1 msec.

Processing (Mira6): bias subtracted, flat fielded, masked hot/cold pixels, background correction with polynomial subtraction, unsharp masking, despeckled, reduced in size by 2x, colorized.

The data is OK for a first try, but my processing is lousy. I want to correct the background better for scattered light and to apply a better flat correction. The effect of my bad flat correction is evident in the +12 minute image where the left limb is too dark. I also want to make the prominences at the solar limb visible.

Comments greatly appreciated! (mikael@leif.org)